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Welcome to Loba Lingala!, the new English guide to Lingala, one of the principal languages of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its capital city, Kinshasa.

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Author Thomas Yocum and illustrator Alban Low have developed Loba Lingala! to make it easier for English-speakers to learn Lingala, which is spoken by of millions of people in West-Central Africa.

The book – the first English-Lingala grammar guide published in 50 years – uses a fun, approachable format designed to get people speaking as soon as they start learning. It includes information about the language and culture, an up-to-date English-Lingala/Lingala-English dictionary, memorization aids and verb lists for fast and easy reference. This approach is complemented by Alban’s brilliant, original illustrations of daily life in Kinshasa.

Loba Lingala! is a free publication available as a download from this site. We’ve split the book into seven sections for easier downloading to better cope with the often sloth-like speed of the Internet connections prevalent in many parts of the world. We’ve also provided the complete text of the book for those with faster services. In the future we’ll be adding options that will include the illustrations; we’re currently experimenting to see how best to do that.

Although it is a free publication, some restrictions apply. Loba Lingala! by Thomas Yocum is copyrighted in 2014 by YoYo Communications Ltd. All rights are reserved. Apart from any permitted use under UK copyright law, no part of this publication may be republished without the prior written permission of Sampson Low Ltd., the publisher. For permission to reproduce extracts in whole or in part, please email us at lobalingala@outlook.com.

That being said, we welcome enquiries from individuals, businesses and organisations who are interested in sponsoring print runs for their own use or for general distribution. We’re already partnering with the very nice people at Vodacom Congo, who have kindly printed 10,000 copies of the book for distribution in their stores. Please contact us at the above email address for more information.

Finally, keep in mind that Loba Lingala! is meant to be a free resource. Don’t try to sell it or use it for commercial gain. That would really be contrary to the spirit of the whole thing. And do credit the book if you’re using it in any significant way. Using material without acknowledging the source starts to be stealing, which isn’t very nice.

Click below to access the complete text or choose one of the options at the top of your screen to select an individual section. To find out more about what’s in each section, check either the Contents or Preface pages.

Loba Lingala!

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